Positions Available:

We are currently recruiting a new postdoctoral fellow to join the lab. Details of the position are included in the position advertisement. We are also recruiting talented and motivated students to join our lab at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Please contact Dr. Roseberry if you are interested or for more information.

PI: Aaron G. Roseberry


Email: aroseberry at

Dr. Roseberry obtained his B.A. in Chemistry from Northwestern University, his M.S. in Exercise and Sport Science from Colorado State University, and his PhD in Pharmacology from Northwestern University. He then did post-doctoral fellowships with Dr. Jeffrey Friedman at The Rockefeller University and Dr. John Williams at The Vollum Institute at Oregon Health and Sciences University. After a brief stint as a Scientist at The Coca-Cola Company, he spent a short time at Marquette University, and then moved to his current position at Georgia State University.

In addition to running his laboratory, Dr. Roseberry currently teaches Biol6102/Neur6010 Neurobiology and is developing a new undergraduate course in Neuropharmacology. He also serves on the GSU IACUC and recently joined the Molecular Neuropharmacology and Signaling (MNPS) study section for the NIH.

Post-doctoral Fellows:


Anna I Dunigan

Email: asemenenko1 at

Anna was a PhD student in the Roseberry lab and defended her dissertation in April 2020. She did her BS and MS at Georgia State University and then stayed in the Biology Department at GSU for her PhD. Anna has been working on projects studying the role of VTA MC3R neurons.

Graduate Students:


Rhianna Fuller-Hall

Email: rfullerhall1 at

Rhianna is a MS student in the Neuroscience program who started in the lab in the fall of 2020. She received her BS in Biology with a concentration in Medical science from California State University Sacramento. She is currently working on a couple of different projects examining melanocortin receptors.


Maria Claudia ("MC") Manieri

Email: mmanieri1 at

MC is a MS student in the Biology program, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2021. She will formally join the lab as a member of our Neuroscience PhD program in the Fall of 2021. MC received her BA in Neuroscience from Boston University. She is currently working out some new protocols for projects examining the role of MC3Rs in the VTA.

Undergraduate Students:

Shan Morales-Allen

Jeewaka Manamendra

Bhavesh Mekala

Shan, Jeewaka, and Bhavesh are new to the lab and are in the process of learning new techniques in the lab.

Prior Lab Members:

Jin Kim--Jin finished his MS in 2020 and is currently applying to dental school programs.

Katherine Stuhrman West--Katherine (Kat) finished her PhD in July 2018. She is current teaching at Georgia Perimeter College.

Laranci Shanmugarajah--Laranci finished her MS in 2015. She is currently attending Pharmacy school at the University of Texas.

Nia Mitchell--Nia was an undergraduate researcher in the laboratory and graduated in 2019. She is currently attending medical school at Duke University.

Keyon Emami (BS, MS)

Melissa Lange (MS)

Venkata Radhakishen (Kishen) Jayanti (MS)

Haw-Han (Lewis) Yen (MS)

Danielle Mankin (MS)

Eve Lutrell (BS)

Shanterra Grable (BS)